Divisions And Teams

2019 Football Camp

Shetland (T-Ball) - Ages 4-6 (COED)

Pinto (Coach Pitch) - Ages 7 & 8

Mustang - Ages 9 & 10

Bronco - Ages 11 & 12

Fall Ball Travel with Uniform (new players)

Fall Ball Practice Squad

Fall Ball Practice Squad with Uniform (new players)

High School 04-05 - Fall Only

High School 04-05 - Full Year

U14 Coed

U14 Coed Fall Only

U6 Coed Fall Only

U7 Coed Fall Only

U7 Girls

U7 Girls Fall Only

U8 Coed Fall Only

U8 Girls Fall Only

U9 Coed Fall Only

U9 Girls Fall Only

U10 Coed Fall Only

U10 Girls Fall Only

U14 Girls

U13 Coed

High School - Girls

High School 02-03

U13 Girls

2019 ORYA Teen Leadership Team

U7 (Co-ed)




8U Softball

10U Softball

12U Softball

U7 (Co-ed)




14U Boys

1st/2nd Grade or 8U Age Eligible

3rd/4th Grade or 10U Age Eligible

5th/6th Grade or 12U Age Eligible

7th/8th Grade or 15U Age Eligible

8U DeadShots

8U DeadShots Select

8U DeadShots -- Summer Olympics Select

10U DeadShots

10U DeadShots Select

10U DeadShots Summer Olympics Select

12U DeadShots

12U DeadShots Select

12U DeadShots Summer Olympic Select Team

14U DeadShots

14U DeadShots Select

14U DeadShots Summer Olympic Select Team

16U DeadShots

18U DeadShots

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